The Prouvé conference centre is a symbol of a territorial development policy that allows the Nancy metropolitan area to reach this large European region, extending from Wallonia to Switzerland, and provides human, technological, and economic potential.

This is a wonderful tool for Greater Nancy's development. It can affirm Greater Nancy's position as an active and innovative city in the heart of a network of major cities involved in high technology, science, and research.

With its one-of-a-kind offering in Grand East, the Centre Prouvé will host all kinds of representative events, such as the business conference on nanomaterials and nanomagnetism, the 2015 conference of the Federation of Local Public Companies, and the local development show, Geologica - A national geosciences forum.

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From September to December, 70 events of all sizes, all audiences, and all perspectives will make it possible to have a unique experience in an innovative location, an exceptional indicator of the history of Greater Nancy.