At Grand Nancy Congrès & Événements, we consider reception and security to be two essential points for the success of your event.

Reception services

At Grand Nancy Congrès & Événements, we make sure that reception is personalised to meet the customer’s needs. Managed by a reception manager, our hostesses and hosts are trained to welcome, accompany and guide all our visitors. And always with a smile!

Security services

Our fire safety and security service monitors and makes rounds on the site 24/7. Our personnel, trained in property security and people safety are able to intervene immediately at events.

And to offer you the greatest peace of mind, your projected events will always be studied by our fire safety and maintenance manager who will validate the safety aspect of your events in advance.


Audiovisual services

The Prouvé Congress Centre has digital Sound and Video channels offering many technological solutions:

  •  „video retransmission in the room
  •  video recordings and multicamera set-up
  •  video and/or sound recording
  •  „“soft edge” projection allowing the creation of dynamic rendering
  • networking of meeting areas

Lighting service

Our technical team designs lighting to create the visual atmosphere that best suits the tone that you want to give your event.

IT services

Our technical managers offer you turnkey IT solutions to allow you the greatest possible autonomy. In the event of a technical failure, they provide immediate technical support.

Internet and Wifi

The Prouvé Congress Centre is equipped with total wifi coverage and a wired computer network.

Interpretation booth

Our simultaneous interpretation booths mean interpreters can work in optimal conditions, thereby guaranteeing quality translations.


Administered by our reception team, the Prouvé Congress Centre is equipped with 53 directional signage screens in 16/9 format for easily finding your way around the building.

An external signage screen of 312 x 218 pixels can display images in .png, .jpg, .tiff formats and videos in .mp4, or .mov. formats

Equipped with the latest technologies. Grand Nancy Congrès & Événements uses a range of technological solutions to optimise the impact of your events. Our technicians provide advice in preparing the event and a technical service until its finishes.


At the Prouvé Centré and the Expo Park, we work with renowned local producers who offer carefully selected products and thus promote sustainable development and fair trade.

Breaks & Cocktails

Bar services are carried out exclusively by Grand Nancy Congrès & Événements. Our staff are responsible for preparation and service throughout breaks. We offer high-quality products: Viennese pastries and sweet delicacies are produced on the same day by renowned local artisans.

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Déjeuners & Dîners

With its panoramic reception area that can host up to 1,200 diners, Grand Nancy Congrès & Événements works with 6 selected caterers able to provide services for 15 to 1,200 guests.

Download the list of selected caterers at Centre Prouvé

Download the list of selected caterers at Parc Expo

(Download our breaks & cocktails services)