Why was an Events Bureau created in Nancy at the same time the Centre Prouvé was opened?

Backed by the opening of the Centre Prouvé, Greater Nancy's demonstrated willingness to made tourism a focus of its economic development plan required a new strategy for territorial marketing. The project was to identify a single original location that single-handedly promotes the destination, highlights all of the applicable structures and displays its potential for providing services and recreation.

Why was Nancy Tourism selected to develop this project?

Nancy Tourism had already been identified both nationally and internationally as a place that can accommodate some 15,000 tourists who come to each year to explore Nancy and what it has to offer. Its knowledge of the territory, its services and its networks makes Nancy Tourism a natural candidate for promoting the destination. With an open associative structure, Nancy Tourism recently amended its by-laws in order to expand its partnerships and integrate all public and private structures and services that contribute to the development of business tourism in Greater Nancy. Nancy Tourism became Nancy Tourism and Events

What relationships could exist between Nancy Tourism and Events and the Centre Prouvé?

The two structures have a shared mission of contributing to the reach of Greater Nancy. This is also the top goal of an event planning office to promote the destination on a national and international level. In addition, Nancy Tourism and Events can provide its services by means of a convention to the Centre Prouvé, a top provider of business at the destination. A catalogue of services has been developed with the Centre Prouvé for specific purposes related to the business tourism market, ranging from the handling of hotel bookings to tourism and cultural programmes) and it’s already producing results.