Birth of a project: FROM PROUVÉ TO BARANI

In February 2007, the Urban Community of Greater Nancy launched an international architecture competition for the development of the new Conference Centre, a landmark within Nancy's Grand Cœur district.

Out of the six teams of architects that were chosen, five reused the postal sorting with more or less decisive work on the buildings, thereby demonstrating an understanding of the work of Claude Prouvé, who dreamt of seeing the building transformed one day.

After analysing the projects, the Atelier Barani team (main architect), Christophe Presle (associate architect), Artelia (technical design), and Fontanez (acoustics) was named the winner of the competition.

Marc Barani chose to include the building of the postal sorting, much of which is preserved and enhanced, by proposing to reconvert and extend it. The building flows out from the public area and offers a range of city views from its meeting spaces, foyers, and panoramic reception area.

Watch the video (12 mn)